SUSPENDED Until further notice - Limited Individual member organised activity continuing

If you are looking for a relaxing sail without the hassles, Tuesday may very well be the sailing day for you. The club supports a day for those that want to participate in an unorganised way, that is, no club organised formalities, leaving members free to do their own thing.

Sailing starts at 7:30 am and generally finishes around 4 pm.

For those into competitive cruising, it’s a good time to practice for the events on Saturday. For all it’s an opportunity to meet new members in a casual way and generally escape for a relaxing day.

It’s the day when members bring whatever it is that floats, sailboats of every class and configuration, electric low powered slow speed models of every type and novelties. We have had powered crocodiles, ducks, everglade boats and a “hull less” sail craft amongst the novelties.

The RC Laser or Dragon Force 65 & 95 groups conduct racing practices while others go on long cruises or just sail in the vicinity of the boat shed.

Tea and coffee (and cakes) are always on the go

On the Tuesday following the first Saturday of the month, we vary it with a social barbecue as an option to bringing your own lunch. Birthday cakes are a welcome variation on any day.