Welcome to Our Home Page

Welcome to our great lakeside venue "Mawson Lakes" in the City of Salisbury


Come and try "Sailing" on any Tuesday or Saturday after 10am.  Click on this links to see our Calendar

We will give you a hands on expereince at sailing. Its easy and Fun. We have members prepared to lend you their boats and guide you.

We welcome everyone, we have newcomers all the time, so you wont be alone. Its not just for men or the young and fit, ladies are most welcome and all ages.

Come and have a go, you won't break someone's expensive toy, they're almost indestructible.

For more comprehensive information click on this link "About the Club"


We have a sausage sizzle bbq on the 1st Saturday of the month and the following Tuesday. Click on this link to check out Check Calendar

Its a good day for visitors to meet with members, have a feed, a cuppa and most importantly have a try at sailing.



We hold workshops every alternate Wednesday Evening, They are a great opportunity to come along with your project or come see what someone else is doing. We welcome non-members to come along for advice or help.

There are some great out of the blue, unplanned projects on the go.

Click on this link "Workshops" to see more information.


Tables and chairs are available in the common area, to allow for seating, eating and discussion.

Toilets are available (including a Disability toilet). The Alcove has changing rooms and lockers available.

Tea and Coffee is available for a small fee, plus our fridge is equiped with numerous softdrinks for $2 gold coin.

So please feel free to bring a lunch come sit and join us!

Updated: March 12th 2024: Noon