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The nature of the club and our activities in a public location dictate that we have sound Board Governance, administration with a modern Constitution, Regulations, Policies and guidelines to follow.

These cover the following and are detailed in the members section;

  • Code of Conduct. Requires the exercise of care with due consideration of members, nearby residents and occupants and visitors to professional offices etc.

    Exemplary conduct is a non negotiable in the Club.

  • Hot and Extreme Weather Trigger Points

    • Review Activity up to 36°

    • No Activity above 36°C – Boat Shed will not be opened for regular club activity

  • Ml 45 Class Rules. These rules govern the building of the ML 45 boat and restricting the use of exotic and expensive materials. These aspects are explained at our Fortnightly Workshops where many a project boat is first started

  • Featured Boats. Outlines the preferred classes and types of boats that can be sailed or operated on the various days, with the specific exclusion of noisy high powered & fuel powered speed boats on the lake as per Salisbury Council Bylaws

  • Sailing Rules. The Club has adopted a simplified set of rules and guidelines to be followed in the structured cruising conducted on Saturday afternoons to avoid mishaps, particularly with newcomers who will not be familiar with the basic give way rules. The simplified rules form the basis of the handicap competitive Saturday events. The RC Laser and DF65/95 sailors when racing in nationally sanctioned events operate as per the international rules, but always first and foremost in a friendly spirit. A win at all cost attitude is not welcome.

  • Safety. Regulations cover general first aid and safety considerations in and around the Boat Shed, when sailing and in operating the Recovery Dingy where the operator is required to hold a boat license

  • Housekeeping. Tasks to be performed to ensure the Salisbury Council provided facilities the Club shares with two other clubs are maintained to the required standard.


Updated: Tuesday March 26th 2024 11.00 pm