Around the begining and end of daylight saving time in SA, the club conducts a Friday Night after dark sail with boats lit up with fairy lights.

It is a fun night not just for the members but for all who live near or by the lake, onlookers and walkers. It attracts many from young to all. 

For the first couple of events the fleet sailed into the Promenade Lake in front of the coffee shops and restaurants, drawing onlookers.

Members of the Mawson Lakes Photography Club attended the last sail in April 2023 and tooK lots of pictures, some of which are included in our pages and soon new Gallery page. Acknowledgement to David and Ashley.

  • Friday 12 April 2024 after daylight saving ends

  • Friday 4 October 2024 before daylight saving starts

We look forward to even more creatively dressed boats in the future.

The pictures below have been enhanced by Ms Lyons Photography (not owner or taker of the pictures) for page enhancement.


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