• Model yacht sailing is meant to be fun. You are sailing with your friends and mates and you should treat them accordingly. Don’t take yourself or your sailing too seriously and you will enjoy it more. This doesn’t mean that you don’t want to win a competitive cruise or race when they are organised, but be sporting about it and remember you are in a very public place. Every word spoken carries across the lake and we are guests in their front yard.
  • Cruises and races start at the advised time for each particular day unless otherwise stated in a specific notice issued to club members from time to time.
  • To promote fair and fun competitive cruising, our simplified rules include voluntary penalties to do 360 turns performed well clear of other boats as soon as possible so as to avoid causing interference to others. For "endorsed racing events", the international rules apply but a fun and friendly spirit first & foremost still applies. There is no such thing as protests in this club.
  • All members are required to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner, showing courtesy, politeness and consideration to fellow members, spectators and the general public which includes residents at all times. Consistent misconduct by a member are grounds for suspension or dismissal from the club. Our Code of Conduct is strictly applied.
  • All members are expected to help in the running of the club (as per their capacity to do so). This means such things as setting up buoys, placing and retrieval and storage of the dinghy. Don’t leave it to others or only the committee. Everyone is entitled to a pleasurable days sailing without having to repeatedly do all the work. Be a good member and share the load.



UPDATED: 23rd Feb: 11.55pm