Our Club was formed to provide an easy way for enthusiasts to become involved in the radio control sailing hobby. We see ourselves as a low cost entry level cruising yacht club that will help you with the basic principles of sailing model sailboats. We have adopted the ML45 boat as our standard club boat and the RC Laser and Dragon Force boats for those who want to sail a little more competitively.


We prefer to have a cruise around the lake on a variety of courses while walking with our boats. It makes for a relaxing and sometimes brisk walk, particularly when the course includes both the main and promenade lakes. We vary this with close quarter sailing near the Boat Shed and pontoon - this suits the less energetic and helps hone boat handling. Others prefer to free sail, meandering where the wind and motivation take them.


Our more competitively inclined members sail the RC Lasers and DF 65 & 95's around set courses. The more competitive persons, may however prefer other Clubs where the focus is on much more expensive restricted class boats racing under international rules, with numerous club, state and national trophy events. We can put you in touch with them as some of our members also sail with those clubs.


We believe model yacht sailing is meant to be fun. You are sailing with your friends and mates and you should treat them accordingly. Don’t take yourself or your sailing too seriously and you will enjoy it more. This doesn’t mean that you don’t want to win a competitive cruise when they are organised, but be sporting about it and remember you are in a very public place.


Our much simplified competitive cruising rules include voluntary penalties to be 360 turns performed well clear of other boats as soon as possible so as to avoid causing interference to others. There are no protests in this club.


We require members to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner, showing courtesy and politeness to spectators, the general public, residents and to fellow members at all times. That is a non negotiable. Misconduct by a member will result in suspension or termination of membership.


Our expectation is that all members will help in the running of the club and cruises (consistent with their capacity to do so). This means such things as setting up flags, helping with the barbecue, the dinghy and so on. We ask that it not be left to others or only the committee. All members are entitled to a pleasurable days sailing without having to repeatedly do ALL the work. Be a good member and share the load is an ethic we encourage, its good fun anyway.


Sailing course cards and maps are made available to club members who participate in the structured cruises.


Sailing at Mawson Lakes takes place over 4 days of the week, with Saturday afternoon and Tuesdays the main days.


Note. Salisbury Council Bylaws preclude the use of noisy powered boats of any type or size on the lake. Powered model boats are restricted to low speed e.g. silent electric or steam boats. We ask all to respect that. Every Tuesday is when our enthusiast bring out their model Tugboats, cabin cruisers and all types of model and sailboats etc.



Updated: Mon 19th Feb 2024: 1.00pm