The purpose of the “workshops” is to introduce members, particularly the newer ones to the hands-on techniques of boat building, sail making and rigging in a social atmosphere. Members subject to their DIY abilities are then able to do more at home and keep referring progress back to the group for more assistance and advice.


It is very much aimed at being a practical learning experience where hands on assistance is readily available to those without the confidence, tools or ability to complete a boat on their own.


The workshop is not restricted to new members – all are encouraged to attend.  Experience members will always be on hand, making sails, refurbishing their own or member’s boats or others that the club might be fixing up for sale.


Spare parts and accessories can be selected and purchased from the stock we hold -that extends to ready-made fibreglass hulls, patterns for a wooden boat, plans and items not generally sold in regular hobby shops.


It also provides new members with a more relaxed introduction and get to know their fellow members, particularly those as new to sailing as they also may be and to those experienced members who are available to mentor them in their early days.


Most newcomers at the very least finish their boats off at these workshops when the lake is used to “see if it floats” and when experienced hands are available to help with fiddly rigging and give advice on balancing the boat.


All of this takes place over a few coffees and cake and is sometimes washed down with a glass or two.


Time:              Alternate Wednesday Evenings - 6:30pm until approx. 8:45pm

Where:           The Boatshed by the Lake at First Ave Mawson Lakes

Frequency:    Fortnightly (Schedule periodically advised)


 MLMYC Workshop   Schedule 2018
 Workshops commence at 18:30 hrs till 21:00hrs


12th December 26th December