DownloadThe Rygged Start

Rygged start system currently not being used in competitive events. This page to be reviewed.

Newcomers to model yachting can find the “competitive cruising” environment be a daunting experience, particularly with a mass start, when anarchy and overcrowding can overwhelm the beginner leading to a high member fallout rate.

The Club has adopted this personal handicapping system for its “cruising” events to;

  1. Relieve the beginner of the pressures of crowded mass start lines, until they are sufficiently experienced and confident to cope
  2. Give encouragement, by enabling some early successes and wins
  3. Eliminate the beginner's proneness to hanging around well behind the start line in order to avoid close contact sailing and possibly damaging a boat

The System: New members who elect to participate in “competitive cruises” will be granted a 'full' maximum red handicap advantage upon joining the club. They will also be exempted from knowing the 7 basic rules of sailing we use, thereby placing all responsibility for avoiding collisions on the other boat.

The handicap granted indicates the number of second’s advantage that a sailor has at the start and is given according to the following table:

Rygged Start 

Note:  On a designated long course when a “Full Rygged Start” applies, each boat leaves the line when its colour is called to start.

 When it is a short course a “Divisional Rygged Start applies in which case Division 1 leaves when red is called, Division 2 when black is called & Division 3 when Orange is called.

 The Course Card defines Long & Short Courses

Each sailor possessing a handicap flies a coloured TELLTALE (ribbon) issued by the Sailing Master to be flown on the BACK STAY of his or her boat.  Any boats not carrying a Telltale are still expected to start at the proper time.

Boats with a Red handicap are allowed to cross the start line at the Start Time when 'Reds Away' is called. Boats with a Yellow handicap start 30 seconds later when 'Yellows Away' is called and so on, until all colours (in order) are under way.

When a sailor has accumulated sufficient points (see the table above) on a 4 3 2 1 basis for 1st through to 4th respectively, it results in a lowering of the handicap by one colour, at which time the Sailing Master issues a new ribbon. 

NOTE:  The colour follows the sailor not the boat thus any new boat carries its sailors current colour. At the beginning of the season the Executive may revise all members points status, generally moving everyone not on red back at least one colour.