updated 10 January 2022

DSCN6683 1 MediumThe Club has a growing group of DF sailors at the club, sailing Tuesdays (cruising day) and alternate Saturdays (scroll down to see the program). On those Saturdays some formally compete with a short course racing format while other just join thefleet cruising the lake.

The Dragon Force 65 and larger 95 are a commercially available lightweight boat easily assembled and obtained from Hobby Warehouse (the Australian Distributor at https://www.hobbywarehouse.com.au/ ).

It is a strictly controlled one-design class becoming increasingly popular across clubs. Its smaller size and weight allow members to handle them more easily and to carry them on trips, when unexpected sailing opportunities arise on those lakes and ponds they come across.

Our aim is to provide opportunity for both those who prefer social sailing cruising as well as those who enjoy our more competitive but always friendly style of event. Like our RC Laser enthusiasts, any competition is under the ISAF racing rules of sailing, but follows the club strict code of being friendly and sociable first and competitive second. The program is for competitive sailing of DF95's one week and ML45 the next, while each week those who prefer cruising take their DF65's or 95's on longer runs around the lake or on longer courses.

If you would like to find out more about DF 65 & 95’s, contact Brian Marshall our class coordinator. He can be contacted on Mob. 0419840482 or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Saturday Competition Program 2022

Competitive sailing operates concurrent with ML45 crusing activity. Each day starts with a short cruise of both fleets. The DF95 racing will be both handicap and scratch format, the ML45 racing all scratch starts.

February 5       BBQ Day Open Sailing

February 19    Handicap 1 Racing DF 95's

March 5           BBQ Day Open Sailing

March 12        Scratch 1 Racing DF95's

March 26        Handicap 2 Racing DF 95's

April 2             BBQ Day Open Sailing

April 16          Scratch 2 Racing DF 95's

April 30          Handicap 3 Racing DF 95's

May 7             BBQ Day Open Sailing

May 21           Scratch 3 Racing DF 95's

June 4            BBQ Day Open Sailing

June 11         Handicap 4 Racing DF 95's

June 25         Scratch 4 Racing DF 95's

July 2            BBQ Day Open Sailing

July 16         Handicap 5 Racing DF 95's

July 30         Scratch 5 Racing DF 95's

Aug 6            BBQ Day Open Sailing

Aug 20         Handicap 6 Racing DF 95's