2018 RC Laser Nationals to be held at Mawson Lakes, SA. From 28th September to 1st October


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The Venue
– Mawson Lakes Model Yacht Club (MLMYC) is one of the hidden gems of radio yachting in Australia. Located near Salisbury in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, it is one of Australia’s largest radio yachting clubs and yet one of the least known. We race two classes of RC yachts at the club, the locally developed Mawson Lakes 45 (ML45) and the RC Laser, and while we may not be the fastest sailors in the country we may be the happiest. The club encourages friendship and fun ahead of competitiveness, and it has been a winning formula for developing a large membership.

The Facilities – MLMYC has excellent facilities. The large lake has a cement walking path around its perimeter. There is a well-equipped boat shed with room for eating and conversing and a very practical boat ramp for easy launching of model yachts.

The People – We have an enthusiastic club executive and RC Laser sub-committee who are committed to running this event. We also have a couple of great radio controlled yachting characters in Johno Johnson (ARCYRC, SA) and Mario Gulic (PLRMYC, Vic) officiating for the titles, and they will bring great experience to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

The Titles - The National Titles will run over four days from Friday September 28th to Monday October 1st. Friday will be a practice day and will include many members of MLMYC, and it will be followed by three days of racing. We are expecting a fleet of 45 boats and we consider that with A, B and C fleets we will need three days to complete sufficient races.

The Extras - The titles will feature a number of innovations. As part of your $75 registration fee you will receive $20 worth of tickets in a raffle for an RC Laser used only at the Championship of Nations, complete with new B rig and boat bag. The 2018 national champion will also receive a similar prize. The event dinner will be held on Sunday evening and will be an optional extra for contestants. The RC Laser raffle will be drawn at the dinner.

Whatever it Takes be at Mawson Lakes – this September

 RC Laser National Titles Update - August 2018

It is now less than eight weeks before the 2018 RC Laser National Titles take place at Mawson Lakes. After a successful 2018 State titles during which we were able to test the new motor and batteries on our electrically powered recovery boat and to use our new specially designed racing buoys, there is now a sense that Mawson Lakes Model Yacht Club is really set up to run such an important event.

First Prize

We are pleased to announce that the prize for first place will be an RC Laser with B rig and boat bag, sailed only at the Championship of Nations in 2017.


We now have 27 entrants for the National Titles – 11 from SA, 6 from Qld, 5 from Vic, 3 from NSW and 2 from NZ. We are hoping that with later entrants during the next six weeks or so that we finish up with 35-40 entrants.

Important Dates

Thank you for registering early for the Titles – we really appreciate it. If you know anyone yet to enter, please inform them that standard entries close on Friday 14th September, and following that a $20 late fee will be payable for any entries up to 6pm on Friday 28th September.

RC Laser SA States (Med).jpg

Peter Yates (Vic), Luke Donovan (Vic) and Mark Easton (SA) at the SA States

The Program for the National Titles is as follows -:

Friday 28th September

Registration and Measuring 9.30am – 12.30pm

Lunch 12.30pm

Practice Sailing 10.30am – 3.30pm

Saturday 29th September

Registration and Measuring 9.00am – 10.00am

Briefing 10.00am

Warning signal for first race 10.30am

Lunch 12.30pm; TV will be available for updates on the AFL grand final

No heat will commence after 4.30pm

Sunday 30th September

Briefing 10.00am

Warning signal for first race 10.30am

Lunch 12.30pm

No heat will commence after 4.30pm

National Titles Dinner – The Bartley Hotel, Bartley Tce, West Lakes 6.00pm

National Titles Raffle to be drawn at the dinner

Monday 1st October

Briefing 10.00am

Warning signal for first race 10.30am

Lunch 12.30pm

No heat will commence after 3.00pm

Presentations 3.45pm

Presentations will be made by the Mayor of Salisbury, The Hon. Gillian Aldridge

New Class Rules

Please note that the new Australian addendum to the RC Laser class rules will come into force at these titles. Amongst other things our measurer, Bob Whitehead will be checking overall length of A masts (minimum 1780mm) and all B/C/D masts (minimum 1425mm), and the distance from the bottom of all masts to the bottom of the gooseneck fitting (110mm), so please ensure that all your masts fit these specifications.

The National Titles Raffle

The National Titles Raffle has been a great success both within Mawson Lakes Model Yacht Club and with the RC Laser community nationally. For those of you who still have raffle ticket books, we would appreciate them being returned to Chris Levi at Mawson Lakes MYC by Friday 14th September. The first prize in the raffle is a CON17 RC Laser with B rig and boat bag, and the raffle will be drawn at the National Titles dinner on the evening of Sunday 30th September.

The Organising Committee

The National Titles organising committee is comprised of John Berry, Chris Levi, Mark Easton, Reg Cunningham, Bob Whitehead, Alex Hayter and Adrian Heard.

Coffee Van

Following on from Q ueensland’s example we have organised for a coffee van to visit the site at 9am and 12noon for each of the four days. So you won’t have to worry about getting your daily caffeine fix.

And who will win….

I wrote this section for the Championship of Nations last year, and I always enjoy writing it – there are so many capable sailors around Australia and New Zealand. Scott Fleming and Scott Mitchell, the ‘two hot Scotts’ as they have been labelled, not only came first and second at CON17 but also both have considerable sailing experience at Mawson Lakes – that has to put them as favourites. However, there are some serious challengers around and Graham Watson from New Zealand is definitely one of them. His recent performances against Graham Brown in Sydney (another serious challenger) show that he is a major contender. Peter Burford from Queensland will adapt quickly to the Mawson Lake conditions and will sail well as always. On the local front Jurgen Luther, Lindsay Sawyer and I are probably rated as the most consistent sailors, with Jurgen having the best knowledge of the lake of any of us, but none of us have any delusions of winning more than a race or two. Brad Hein from Portland, Victoria is a prodigious talent, who will win titles in the future – you will all hear a lot more about him. Daniel Bergan from Queensland, has great potential but probably hasn’t done enough sailing in the last 12 months to be a major threat to the Scotts. Linton Little from New Zealand I don’t know much about, so he may surprise us all, and who knows we may yet get an entry from Kirwan Robb – wouldn’t that set the cat amongst the pigeons!!.