BOATS FOR SALE                                                                                                  updated 14 February 2022

As a service to members, the following boats are offered for direct sale by contacting the listed member owner. The MLMYC is not involved unless it is listed as the owner or as an agent.


GaryP IMG 0261Item 001. Brand new ML45 fibreglass radio control ML45 yacht with A suit sails & rc gear, ready to go, just add your own battery and boat stand. A lock-down project. Great value from an experienced builder. You wont find a better ML45 than this one. Just add some stickers or stripes and or a coloured sail and it will be unique and a performer for those intersted in racing it. Only $450 fixed price. For more and seller contact details.




 Sail Boat 1Item 002. NO IMAGE ML45 fibreglass radio control yacht with A suit sails. Needs RC gear (Tx and Rx plus battery) and boat stand.  Little used boat looking for a new home. $300 Good condition. For more and seller contact details. No Image available.





Barrys MHead 03

 Item 003. Marblehead RC yacht, carbon with RMG winch, clear timber sail box in top condition with assorted sails, booms and mast. Boat stand included. Priced to sell at $1,100. Its a modern boat that goes well, just add your own Rx & Tx and battery. For more and seller contact details.