Becoming a Member

It’s easy, but first we recommend you come along and try it hands on. Take the time to see what we do and how we go about it. There’s more to it than meets the eye - its fun.

When you see us lakeside, please introduce yourself. We don’t bite and we all remember those first tentative steps when we wondered if it was for us and pondered on how to get into it and didn’t want to interrupt anyone. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when one of our number offer to let you sail their boat and give some hands on guidance.That’s how we operate.

Our boats are hand built and easily repairable, not expensive formula 1 type vessels jealously guarded and wrapped in cotton wool. Because we are only cruising and not intently racing, we love to spare the time to introduce the pastime and all its intricacies. It’s fun for us to watch you having that first exhilarating go. It’s been known for keen people trying it out for the first time to sail for an hour, not realising the passage of time. Often we have a spare boat on hand that you can have a play with - that can be real helpful to someone coming back for another try.

We suggest that if you think you might want to become a member, come along several times and even come to a workshop evening. Take the time to share a coffee and talk to more than one member. By then you will have met a few members, one or two of which just might turn out to be your chosen building or sailing mentors if needed.

Only then will we offer you a membership form. Your annual membership fee will also cover insurance against any third party claim that might arise from your sailing activity. Our Saturday sailors contribute an additional $1 levy each Saturday toward the maintenance expenses ie repairs to bouys and general up keep of equipment associated with Saturday sailing.

We have members who used to own or sail ocean going yachts, members who used to fly planes (real and models), race cars and so on. The diversity of our membership base is a great asset, allowing the contributions to be many and varied.

As to who can join, anyone! We have a membership age span from those in their thirties to those in their eighties, singles and couples, some in wheel chairs, some who need a little assistance and so on. Our only criteria is that we seek members prepared to give it a go and enjoy themselves in a convivial atmosphere. Its social rather than intensely competitive.