updated 7 July 2021

The ML 45

In our members section we have our rules for the ML 45 boat and guidance on building one from scratch through to getting it on the water. It is intended as an aid for those members building their first boat independently at home between workshop sessions. For those without the capacity to do a DIY build, we always seem to have second hand boats for sale and several members always willing to build a new one to order.

The rules fix the hull design and profile below the gunwale line to be strictly in accord with the plans, but allow for the keel and rudder (design only) to be unregulated. With the deck for instance, the option of a cabin, cockpit, canoe fore deck or flat surface are open to design variation, provided the transom and deck sides comply.

We have templates and plans for members to trace if they opt for a wooden hull and one of our members produces fibreglass hulls to order for those wanting to go down that road. For those wanting to make their own sails we also have templates for that. All the fittings with the exception of masts we stock and are available for purchase.

Exotic materials such as carbon fibre are not allowed anywhere. The choices for the hull, are timber or fibreglass with aluminium also allowed for the keel. Above deck level, exotic materials for spars, groovy masts etc. are again not allowed. The principal is low cost, easily available, entry level appropriate – a simple low tech boat.

Mylar is now the material of choice for sails, having taken over from coloured Dacron. It's easier making with no sewing and members like it's improved sail efficiency. The result is a fleet of mostly white sails rather than the multi coloured show the fleet used to feature. But, the scene is changing as members find ways to introduce more colour. Hopefully coloured Mylar will becomes an option!

Both the A and B IOM rigs are allowed and members either make them at a club workshop or buy a set from sailmakers we put them in touch with, including members who make them at our workshops or at home to order. Steve Arthur is the external manufacturer of choice members use, having taught the elementary skills at a number of our workshops.

Several members have built 60 inch and 26 inch variants to join the original 30 inch packing case prototype which they sail on special days.